Action Plan.

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Community Projects & Investment.

A Community Action Plan was created in 2016 to identify community priorities and direct investment to priority community projects.

The level of windfarm development in the surrounding area has meant that the community finds itself in the enviable position of having available to it increasingly large sums of community benefit funds. It is important that such funds are harnessed for appropriate investment, legacy-type projects to ensure that the community can sustain itself beyond the lifetime of the windfarms and the resulting funds.

The scale and scope of projects must increase as the funds increase and the opportunity to address critical issues such as housing, job creation and skills development must be realised. That is not to say that this isn’t without its challenges but we must remind ourselves to look to our own positive examples of this in the form of successful projects such as the delivery of St. Bride’s Centre. DCDC wish to re-visit and refresh the 2016 Action Plan so that community project priorities can be established in these post-covid times.

The existing 2016 Action Plan can be found here.


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